The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

The Best HR Outsourcing Services 2019

Human resources is a critical element for any business. How you recruit, hire and manage your employees and workplace has serious implications for both productivity and legal compliance. Human resources helps keep all that in order, managing payroll and benefits, running training programs, onboarding new hires and more. For small businesses, though, creating an HR department means creating new salaries, which can sometimes be difficult to find in an already tight budget. 

For those instances, HR outsourcing is the answer. Outsourced HR services take the burden of managing HR off a business's shoulders for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time HR director. They are also useful for companies that do have an in-house HR department, but find that it is overburdened and aren't quite ready to expand the size of the staff. HR outsourcing services will handle every aspect of the HR mission, including recruiting, hiring, training, payroll and benefits administration.  

This human resources outsourcing services in our buying guide all offer hands-on HR outsourcing to help your company handle any sort of HR task, from the simplest to the incredibly complex. Check out our recommendations for HR outsourcing firms below, including our best picks for different business use cases.

Best Picks

The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
G&A Partners

Best HR Outsourcing Service for Employee Development

Employee training is an important tool for keeping your workforce and company competitive. HR outsourcing companies can create custom plans for your company’s needs to help you train and develop the best employees. They can also provide performance management plans to help workers who have fallen off track to catch up. G&A Partners is the best example of a service that offers training and performance-boosting guidance.

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HR Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2019

Expect the HR outsourcing services industry to continue its rapid growth in 2019. The industry is already growing by double digits year over year, taking advantage of a business environment where big corporations face challenges from smaller, nimbler companies. Technological developments and changes in the business landscape have enabled small, disruptive startups to take down giants and carve out significant market share of their own, in virtually every industry. HR outsourcing is a key tool in keeping companies small and agile while still managing their employees effectively.  

The continued development of the so-called gig economy is also driving the growth of the industry. As more and more companies turn to independent contractors for their labor instead of salaried employees, HR services become even more crucial. Operating in this environment creates new challenges for HR departments -- challenges that HR outsourcing services are often better suited to managing. 

What Do HR Departments Do?

Over the years, the role of HR professions has evolved from record keepers and paper pushers to an essential part of a business's executive team. In addition to serving as the central hub for employee activities, human resources departments provide vital support for your staff through conflict resolution and training, helps with budget management, and ensures that your company is compliant with employment laws and regulations.

HR is responsible for maintaining the security and privacy of human resource data, including confidential employee information regarding compensation and personal matters. This department also must ensure your company's compliance with federal regulations surrounding health care, 401(k) plans and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA).

Another important function of HR is to ensure your company follows legal processes when hiring, especially when hiring noncitizens. Immigration compliance at both the state and federal level is a complicated process that your HR staff may not have expertise in. If your company frequently hires immigrants, it is important to find an HR outsourcing service with experience in immigration services. This helps to protect your company against unintended violations of immigration law, which can be extremely costly.

Many companies forgo hiring HR staff in their initial years. However, this is a risky decision. When you do not have a human resources manager, your company is more liable for lawsuits. Your employees do not have a neutral party to discuss issues with, nor is there a specialist ensuring that all your hiring paperwork is appropriately completed. The reality is, you can't afford not to invest in human resources. An outsourced HR service can help you meet all your company's human resources needs, even if you're on a limited budget.


HR outsourcing services typically follow one of two pricing models:

  • Fixed monthly per-employee fee
  • Percentage of each employee's monthly pre-tax salary

Regardless of which model your chosen HR outsourcing firm uses, your total cost will vary depending on how many employees you have, where you operate, and the number and complexity of services you need. Some companies also offer a la carte services if you only need to outsource one or two specific functions, like payroll or health insurance.

Which Is Right for Me: Full-Service or Partial HR Outsourcing?

Full-service human resource outsourcing is a good option if you own a small company and cannot yet afford to hire HR personnel. It is also a good option if you have staff in different parts of the world and need HR staff to work with remote employees. By outsourcing these services, a company ensures that it remains in compliance while working with employees and can provide a healthy working environment.

When companies skimp on HR, they put themselves and their employees at risk. A full-service HR company can help you appropriately manage day-to-day HR tasks like reporting misconduct, ensuring work safety compliance and coordinating insurance benefits. They can also work closely with your payroll team to handle compensation. In addition to day-to-day tasks, you can request services like recruiting and employee training.

If you have no HR or an inexperienced HR staff in your company, full-service HR outsourcing is probably your best option. It provides the resources of a full HR staff to oversee your company's needs without the expense of hiring a whole team.

Partial HR Outsourcing

Partial outsourcing is a good choice for companies that have HR staff but need extra help. For example, maybe you have an HR representative to handle hiring and ensure that employment paperwork is correctly filed. However, HR is more than compliance and staff support. It can be an important resource for employee training and development. If you do not have the resources or desire to hire a full-time training specialist, you can outsource this service.

The most common trainings that HR outsourcing services provide include software and processes training, though other options are available. The best HR outsourcing service will work with you one-on-one to determine the training that's best for your company's employees.

Other common partial outsourcing services include payroll outsourcing, employee screenings and background checks, employee recruitment, and immigration compliance. If you have a small HR staff that is burdened by workload or inexperienced in certain functions, like immigration paperwork, then partial outsourcing is the best solution for your company's HR needs.

The HR outsourcing service that your company partners with should give you the option to select a full-service package or pick and choose which services are best for your business right now. It should also have expertise in employment compliance to protect your company against penalties or lawsuits. Each service in this buying guide offers comprehensive packages to assist your company with its HR needs so that you can focus on other tasks pertinent to your business' success and growth.


Human Resource Outsourcing vs. Professional Employer Organizations

In your research on HR outsourcing, you may have come across another term: professional employer organizations. While many of the companies we reviewed offer both HR outsourcing and PEO services, they are not exactly the same thing.

The main difference between HR outsourcing and PEO is the legal employment arrangement. When you outsource your HR functions, you are still the employer of record for your staff members, and you retain full control of your business operations and data. With a PEO, the company you hire acts as a co-employer and is responsible for all HR responsibilities, including hiring and firing, employee training, tax and compliance obligations, and more.

Which option is best for my business?

Whether you use HR outsourcing services or a PEO depends on your business's needs. If you just need help with a few basic administrative tasks like payroll and benefits management, an HRO provider might be your best option. If, on the other hand, you'd rather have an expert shoulder the full legal and financial responsibilities of employing staff members, you'd be better off hiring a PEO.

Check out's recommendations for PEO services.

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Businesses Are Overhauling Their HR Software

The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

Businesses Are Overhauling Their HR Software

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Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is the new wave of software solutions revolutionizing practically every area of business. Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) or Human Capital Software (HCM) have been used by HR professionals to organize functionalities like recruiting, payroll, benefits, and more. According to Deloitte’s “Managing Talent Through Technology: HCM Buying Trends in 2013,” 61% of HR professionals plan on replacing their HCM software this year in favor of SaaS solutions that not only provide badly needed updates, but new features that support the needs of modern businesses.

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

Common HR Outsourcing Services Questions & Answers

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

I think people that choose one of the big guys do so because they are a known quantity. The smaller companies don't have as many reviews, and in some cases, can't provide all the services that are needed. They don't know what they are missing, as many clients go back & forth from ADP to Paychex because of problems. Our cloud based solution combines a powerful payroll & a web-based HR application along with the convenience of services typically offered by payroll outsourcing providers. ...

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

The only advice I have is if you are going to use the HR solution to handle your payroll make sure you handle your taxes unless the company you select is Public and you can see their financial status. There are hundreds of web based HR and payroll solutions on the market and if they fail to file and pay the payroll taxes the business owner is personally liable.

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

Hi Maxine, I've heard good things about Zirtual ( for hiring virtual assistants. What I like about Zirtual is that you don't have to hire a full time virtual assistance, you could hire a VA for as little as 3 hours a week and then adjust your plan if more hours are needed. This could be a plus for your business if this is your first time hiring a VA, and you are unsure of the amount of work you will require from them. Zirtual also guarantees a match with a...

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

Also remember that benefits are not just insurance. I've worked at companies that do random prize draws, group dinners out, offer free services (like help quitting smoking, inexpensive daycare) or college tuition assistance. Free coffee is good, too.

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

Becca, First you need to consider if you are willing to walk away from this opportunity if the salary does not meet your requirements or if this is a must have position. Obviously if it is a must have position the negotiation becomes more difficult for you. Before you begin negotiating you need to determine industry rates, what is the minimum salary you are willing to accept and what benefits do you require. Once you receive an offer you need to ensure it includes salary, benefits,...

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Well, we at VKW provide Virtual Assistants and have done extensive research on your question. I'm the Founder of VKW, so this might come across as bit of self promotion. I hope other chime in, so you get a balanced response. You can hire a Freelancer, which means you need to act as your own HR Generalist and evaluate the skill set, background check, and compatibility with your work-style/character. Many people do get frustrated with that part. However, if you find the right person, it would...

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019

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The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019
The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019


List of the The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2019

The Best HR Outsourcing Reviews of 2019


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