The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

Fleet Tracking Comparisons

Small businesses can use GPS fleet tracking services to keep tabs on their vehicles, assets and drivers. These services have easier scalability than many other industries because, whether you have a fleet of three or 300 vehicles, the hardware and software setup remains largely the same. You may need to build in other features – like driver IDs – with larger fleets, but the services are the same. At their core, GPS fleet tracking services allow a business to keep its drivers accountable and get meaningful data on its fleet in real time. The services can be built out to adhere with reporting and compliance laws relevant to the trucking industry.

These services are ideal for the trucking industry, but they also make sense for delivery, ride-sharing and customer service businesses. Basically, if you have multiple vehicles and want to learn more about your fleet's performance to help you save money or coach your drivers, you can use a fleet tracking service to fully understand how each vehicle impacts your bottom line.

Best Picks

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
Teletrac Navman

Best for Small Business

Teletrac Navman can meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and with flexible, quality services. While bigger companies can usually meet this need, Teletrac Navman proves to be a reliable service for all fleet sizes. As our best pick for small business overall, Teletrac Navman can provide just about any telematics feature or service needed. It can scale up to meet your business's needs no matter how large your fleet gets. It offers 36-month contracts, which is standard across the industry, and compliance with ELDs, IFTA and DVIR. It can also offer various safety, fuel efficiency and maintenance features to its clients.

With Teletrac Navman, you can monitor all aspects of your fleet and optimize your team. It also has a low minimum requirement for vehicles, which means that very small fleets can also benefit from its services. Its software is among the best we reviewed, with an intuitive interface and data overlays to inform you on traffic and weather. Teletrac Navman earned our best pick for providing quality across the board to small businesses.

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
GPS Trackit

Best Value

GPS Trackit is a low-cost telematics platform that provides excellent services for small businesses. As our pick for best value, it prioritizes cost without sacrificing quality of services. It's a good option for fleets that are just being introduced to this technology or looking to switch providers without breaking the bank. It includes important features like safety, fuel consumption and maintenance.

GPS Trackit is a transparent company, listing its prices online. It includes its hardware in your monthly fee and doesn't even require an activation fee. There are no long-term contracts, and it offers a money-back guarantee, so you can try this company's services without committing to a deal. Its favorable cost structure doesn't sacrifice features: It offers a wide selection of speed and safety reports, vehicle health and temperature reports, and other vehicle diagnostics. It has a great reputation with the Better Business Bureau and other telematics review websites. Overall, GPS Trackit provides great services at an affordable price point for just about any small business.

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

Best Reporting

Our best pick for reporting not only offers excellent vehicle report features, but allows fleet managers to customize reports, view metrics in real time and build dashboards to boost company efficiency. Data is a pivotal aspect of the trucking and freight industry, but there's so much opportunity to capture data that it's easy to drown in information. Quartix excels in reports because it helps you sift through excessive incoming data and glean important insights for your fleet. You can set up driver ID and manage data from a driver perspective as well as a vehicle perspective. The flexibility in Quartix's reporting features makes it a great service for fleet reports.

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

Best Safety Features

Our pick for best safety features offers excellent tools to help you promote safe driving among your team. Many companies offer standard features, like driver scorecards, but NexTraq excels in its safety features by offering comparative driver analysis. Instead of providing scorecards per vehicle, it allows you to compare the driving style of each driver. This can help you reward top performers and coach inexperienced drivers. It's also an advantage from a driver standpoint, since it can act as a verified log of driving behavior, which is handy in the event of an accident or other incident on the road where your driver may not have been at fault.

NexTraq has some other perks to its services as well. It offers free installation, so you don't have to worry about setting up the hardware in your vehicles. It also provides compliance with ELDs and DVIR. Beyond safety, NexTraq provides great telematics solutions to fleets throughout the country.

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

Best Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is useful in a number of different scenarios for small businesses. Keeping track of heavy equipment, such as trailers or items like large electronic signs, can be a difficult task for any small business. Besides generally locating your equipment, this technology can help you recover an item in the event of theft.

Azuga provides great asset-tracking services. It has a separate pricing structure for this function, and you can enroll in its services whether you're already partnering with Azuga for telematics or not. It provides multiple hardware devices, charging options and installation services. All its devices are weatherproof, with some being ruggedized for extra support. On top of this, Azuga provides a compelling telematics service for small business. These two offerings make Azuga our best pick for asset tracking.

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Pricing and Contracts

Agreements with fleet tracking companies are generally contract-based and tailored to your business's needs. Contracts usually run from 12 to 36 months and include a monthly service fee and an upfront fee for the hardware devices. Some plans allow you to rent the devices, which means they roll the cost of using the device into your monthly fee.

We reviewed some companies that don't operate on long-term contracts. Instead, they charge clients month to month and allow you to cancel at any time. These companies provide flexibility for very small businesses and the option of short-term service for larger ones. Some companies also provide a trial period or money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the service without committing to a contract.

Our Methodology

We initially considered around 50 GPS fleet tracking companies. We came up with this initial list by identifying top industry players, companies currently on the Business News Daily vendor list, companies we found on other review sites and other reputable GPS fleet tracking companies. We whittled this list of 50 down to 32 by judging each company's web experience, reporting services and support options, and determining whether the company is geared toward small businesses and based in the U.S. From this list of 32, we determined 13 companies that stood out as having great service. Some of the factors we considered were the type of tracking services, safety features, overall dashboard and interface, pricing and contract structure, and whether we had reviewed the company in the past.

From this list of 13 companies, we determined six best picks based on standout features in each company. We considered contract length, software usability and refresh time, installation fees and setup, minimum vehicles required, safety details, the integrated GPS software, and customer reviews. We also made customer service inquiries via email and live chat with each of the 11 companies. We analyzed the six finalists based on more specific criteria related to their service. For example, we delved deeper into contract length, cancellation policies, support options and software usability. We tested customer service over the phone and did software demos for companies that allowed us to. For companies that couldn't offer demos, we analyzed video overviews of their software. The six final companies endured this test and hold up as our best picks for GPS fleet tracking services.


Below are all our reviews for GPS fleet tracking services. Our coverage includes reviews of the best for small business, best value, best safety features, best reporting and best asset tracking.

Negotiation Tips

As you search for a GPS fleet tracking service, you can do a few things to ensure you're signing up for a service that's ideal for your business. Keep your needs in mind as you search for a service – you want to partner with a company that can provide everything you need and also scale with your business as it grows. Here are some factors to ask about:

  • Trials: Some companies offer businesses a 30-day trial of their hardware and software. This is crucial if you're dealing with a company that only offers long-term contracts. Make sure you ask the sales representative if the company provides a trial to let you see how the services work directly for your business. Even if you're dead set on one company, still take advantage of the trial period.
  • Refresh time: A lot of the software, while it's described as "real-time tracking," is not technically in real time. GPS fleet tracking software may refresh anywhere from every second to every three minutes, depending on which company you partner with. Of all the companies we reviewed, only Samsara and Fleetistics offer real-time, second-to-second tracking. The rest offer tracking between 30 seconds and two minutes, allowing breadcrumb trails as opposed to real-time tracking.     
  • Hardware and software: The service offering generally includes both hardware and software. Your vehicles are outfitted with hardware devices that send data back to a central hub. This information is accessible via the software the company provides you. The hardware is usually plug-and-play devices that are about the size of a deck of cards and can be inserted into your vehicles' OBD II ports. More advanced hardware includes separate pieces that link with information centers in your vehicles. The software is usually cloud-based and usable on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

State of the Industry

Digital platforms have replaced paper operations and hold both drivers and companies to a higher standard than ever before. With GPS fleet tracking software, it's harder to fudge data and easier to keep a close eye on how your fleet is being used. There are countless applications for this technology, from improving fuel efficiency to ensuring vehicle and driver safety.

The most important aspect of fleet tracking, however, is the increased flow of data. The reports give fleet managers real-time data on their vehicles. You can leverage this opportunity in several different ways, but the big takeaway is that more information on your vehicles and drivers leads to better decision-making for your business. That's why, if you sign up for a fleet tracking service, you should make sure you use all the areas of your plan, not just to understand where your vehicles are at a given time. You can gather and analyze data to increase safety, optimize routes and hold drivers accountable. You can also track vehicle maintenance information with many of these services, and several of the companies in our review provide engine fault codes, which can help your mechanics quickly identify the problems that arise in your vehicle.

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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The Top 20 Features for the Most Efficient Fleet

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

Fleetmatics for Better Vehicle Tracking

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Businesses that offer delivery, have commercial vehicles, or manage fleets of company vehicles want to know where their fleet is for a variety of reasons, including those that are legal and logistical. Driver safety, business productivity, and asset protection are usually top-of-mind for managers in charge of tracking fleets. There is no "one size fits all" GPS fleet tracking solution and te features that make a fleet more efficient are what distinguishes one solution from another. Not every business needs every feature, but it's important to be informed so you can determine which product features are "must haves" and which are "nice to haves".


The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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It’s increasingly common for companies to invest in a telematics fleet management system to cut costs, improve productivity, and manage their fleets more efficiently. But when you purchase such a system, what steps should you take to ensure a smooth implementation? And how do you know if you’re getting the best return on your investment (ROI)? To some extent, improving your ROI depends on what you hope to achieve with your GPS vehicle tracking system. For example, some fleet managers focus exclusively on cutting costs in a few areas, such as fuel, labor, and maintenance expenses. Others are more concerned with meeting government regulations regarding fleet size, greenhouse emissions, and vehicle utilization efficiency. 

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019
The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Reviews for 2019


List of the The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Services of 2019

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